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Voting Information

ICS Elections are the democratic heartbeat of the organisation. Important decisions, executive posts, committee chairs and Annual Meeting bids are decided by the ICS membership via the voting process. Only valid ICS members can vote.


ICS Elections are governed by:

  • ICS Bylaws
  • ICS Articles
  • UK Charity Law
  • UK Company Law

Terms of office

Terms for successful candidates begin as of the AGM at the Annual Meeting they are elected at. Most official terms are for three years, renewable once by election.

From the website you will be able to vote and read further information about the candidates. You must be logged in as an ICS member to vote.

“Campaigning for ICS elected positions is not permitted by applicants or members. Any campaigning, be it positive or negative, will result in the disqualification of the candidate.”

Download the full policy on campaigning for ICS elections.

Voting for Trustees

When there are more than two candidates for a single trustee position the ICS must follow a two stage voting process. This is in accordance with UK Company Law.

Round 1: preferred candidates

  • The first round identifies the preferred candidates. ICS members are supplied with a list of the individuals wishing to be appointed.
  • Each ICS member votes for their preferred candidate.
  • Votes are counted after the deadline. The candidate with the highest number of votes is deemed the preferred candidate and proceeds to Round 2.

Round 2: final confirmation

  • Following Round 1, the preferred candidate is submitted for formal election at the Annual General Meeting. This a YES/NO vote and is a necessary step in order to comply with UK Company Law.
  • Voting takes place prior to the AGM online and at the AGM by paper ballot.
  • The ICS office ensures there are no duplicate votes and then announces the results following the AGM.
  • Candidates are appointed if a majority of ICS members vote in favour of their appointment, i.e. that they have more YES votes than NO votes.
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