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ICS video podcast with Adrian Wagg and Elise De

Friday 16 Oct 2020 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Grab a coffee and listen or watch the latest ICS Video Podcast!

This edition features ICS Scientific Committee Members Adrian Wagg (ICS Scientific Committee member) and Elise De (Education Committee Chair) discussing the ICS 2020 online Scientific Committee meeting and programme, including the sessions they are looking forward to.

As in previous year's the programme offers something for everyone! Check out the sessions recommended by Adrian and Elise:

Elise highlighted the key benefits of the ICS videos are "the educational opportunities, even if this is a case you deal with a lot. Or it may be a new surgery to you. To look at a video, on how someone else does that surgery, provides an insight into different ways of doing these procedures. Even if your not in surgical field, watching these videos of cases ,that affect your patients and their complications, can be educational. As well as providing a deeper knowledge for the professional care of your patient."

Adrian Wagg highlighted that he felt his first ICS meeting “really helped deepen his understand of his field, as well as the opportunity to meet and converse with the authors of papers that he had been reading. To gain an understanding of this information. The ICS meeting is always welcoming and providing a collegiality to members and delegates.”

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