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Is patient led care & medical self-regulation the future? Join the discussion

Tuesday 26 Jun 2018 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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This roundtable will discuss improving consent processes between surgeons and patients and the impact this will have on patients understanding of the consent that they are providing. By improving communication patients will will have a greater understand of what to expect, risks and outcomes. This should reduce the number of medical legal disputes, that have increased over the last decade.

Arun Sahai will discuss what constitutes adequate consent and how inadequate consent can damage the surgeon-patient relationship, also resulting in legal challenges and litigation. Arun will highlight recent landmark cases in the UK regarding this issues and the principles of a good informed consent process discussed.

Shirley Moore will provide an overview of recent advances in the science of behaviour change and self-management of chronic illness. Evidence of the effectiveness of selected behaviour change techniques and delivery formats will be discussed.

Thomas Lendvay will discuss the technical skills required by surgeons. How is this assessed? What further training is available? Furthermore, the data about a surgeon’s technical skills directly predict patient outcomes.
To expand the access of surgeons to objective skills assessments and peer feedback, validated, reliable methods for scaling the assessment process are required. Studies have demonstrated that crowdsourcing has been shown to be able to provide the scalable objective assessment capability that content experts can provide, yet at fractions of the time, cost, and with more reliability than our peers.

Do you think patient led care and medical self-regulation is the future? Join the discussion

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RT2: on patient communication and medical self-regulation

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